«È Pescarenico una terricciola, sulla riva sinistra dell’Adda, o vogliam dire del lago, poco discosto dal ponte: un gruppetto di case, abitate la più parte da pescatori, e addobbate qua e là di tramagli e di reti tese ad asciugare.»

Alessandro Manzoni, I Promessi Sposi

Reserved and panoramic, Pescarenico seems to have been painted by a romantic painter: the Adda river, mountains that slide into the river, woods, vivid nature, and cerulean waters. It is truly a jewel punctuated by little Batell boats, today known as Lucia. This small fishing boat is made of local chestnut wood and is characterized by three wooden hoops, which serve as a temporary roof in case of rainfall. 

Pescarenico, © Costina Mocanu

The appellative Lucia has its origins in literature. Located between Como Lake and Garlate Lake, Pescarenech (lecchese dialect) is known for its fishermen (here you have its name!) activity since the Seventeenth Century. Even today, some local families do exercise this activity. These peculiarities were known to the same novelist Alessandro Manzoni, who dedicated diverse descriptions to the village, one of them being Lucia’s (the co-protagonist of ‘I promessi sposi’ (1840-42) escape from Don Rodrigo. 

Piazzetta del Pesce

La Pizza di Soqquadro ❤️

For dinner head to Soqquadro, a bright restaurant few steps from the river, where care is not only in the aesthetics and natural environment but also in the welcome of the customers. On the menu, daily fresh fish dishes declined in diverse ways, pizza comprehended.  

Fun fact: most of the ingredients as these huge capers are exported from Spain. The owners of the restaurant spent three decades in Cadaques.

This wonderful village creates a truly unique scenario, capable of giving breathtaking views and sensations to be remembered with a nostalgic feeling.

– Costina

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